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?oo hi, i'm holly lee. i love cooking and you are watching quick bites. san francisco is a foodie town. we san franciscoans love our food and desserts are no exceptions. there are places
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that specialize in any and every dessert your heart desires, from hand made ice cream to organic cakes, artisan chocolate and cupcakes galore, the options are endless. anyone out there with a sweet tooth? then i have a great stop for you. i've been searching high and low for some great cookies and the buzz around town that anthony's are those cookies. with rave reviews like this i have to experience these cookies for myself and see what the fuss was all about. so let's see. while attending san francisco state university as an accountinging major, anthony's friend jokingly suggested he make cookies to make ends make. with no formal culinary
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training he opened his own bakery and is now the no. 1 producer of gourmet cookies in the biarea and thank you for joining us on quick bites. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> so i want to get to the bottom of some very burning questions. why cookies? >> it was a recommendation from a friend. hard to believe that's how it all started. >> why not pies and cakes? what do you have against pies and cakes, anthony. >> i have nothing against pies and cakes. however, that was the recommendation. >> you were on the road to be an account apblt. >> actually, an engineer. >> even better. and it led to making cookies. >> in delicious ways. >> delicious ways.
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>> this is where the magic goes down and we're going to be getting to the truth behind cookies and cream. >> this is what is behind cookies and cream. >> where were you when the idea came to your mind. >> i was in my apartment eating ice cream, cookies and cream ice cream. how much fun, cookies and cream cookies. their cookies and cream is not even -- it took a lot of time, a lot of fun. >> a lot of butter. >> a lot, a lot, a lot. but it was one of those things.
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all right, now behold. you know what that is? >> what is that? >> cookies and cream. >> oh, they are beautiful. >> yes, so we got to get --. >> all right, all right. we treat the cookies like wine tasting. i don't ever want anybody to bite into a cookie and not get what they want to get. we're training staff because they can look at the cookie and tell if it's wrong. >> oh, here we go. >> you smell it and then you taste it, clean the plat palate with the milk. >> i could be a professional painter because i know how to do this. >> i can tell that it's a
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really nice shell, that nice crunch. >> but inside. >> oh, my god. so you are going to -- cheat a little bit. i had to give you a heads up on that. >> what's happening tomorrow? these cookies, there's a lot of love in these cookies. i don't know how else to say it. it really just makes me so happy. man, you bake a mean cookie, anthony. >> i know. people really know if they are getting something made with love. >> aww >> you know, you can't fool people. they know if you are taking shortcuts here and there. they can eat something and tell the care that went into it. they get what they expect. >> uh-huh.
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>> system development and things like that. >> sounds so technical. >> i'm an engineer. >> that's right, that's right. cookies are so good, drove all other thoughts out of my head. thank you for taking time out it talk to us about what you do and the love with which you do it. we appreciate your time here on quick bites. i hope you've enjoyed our delicious tale of defendant 93 and dessert. as for me, my search is over. those reviews did not lie. in fact, i'm thinking of one of my very own. some things you just have it experience for yourself. to learn more about anthony's cookies, visit him on the web
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at if you want to watch some of our other episodes at sfquickbites/ see test, test test, test >> good morning, everyone and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting for april 17th i'll be chasing this meeting and we'll be joined shortly by another supervisor.
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mr. clerk do we have any noiments >> yes, please silence all cell phones and electronic devises. items on the list will appear on the board of supervisors meeting >> mr. clerk call item one. >> those allocations quality to participate in the frazier drive for the city and county of san francisco. >> we have jean from our city council meetings office. >> the san francisco transcribed almost $3.1 million and the airport b will chair the next campaign.
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all 5 counties meet the criteria and representatives if you should have any questions >> any questions? >> all right. we're good. we don't have a - do we have any other speakers? >> at this point we'll open up to public comment on item one please came forward. >> the city wears a fund-raisers and you got it right go in the fast lane in the golden gate practice writing principle you're a good budget you would be in the city had great fundraising and the city
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watches the city's fundraising story and it went good and to glory and the city had such a good fundraising thing and lord you where a good fundraising man. >> city what a fine city you would be for this fundraising. >> thank you very much. public comment is closed. can we move this resolution forward. >> okay. and we can do that without oppositions. >> should i call it through 4? >> ordinance of the administration code section
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1.100 revise the he registration fees and is next one revised registration fees and making environmental finding. >> and the next one is 2-217 to establish a fund for the penalties assessed and paid will i operators for a violations of the solid waste finding. >> thank you very much we have the san francisco agricultural commission thank you for being here. >> a bit of clarification for the third item is from staff from public health it will be
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me. i'm the agricultural chairman and i'm here to answer any questions in regards to the agricultural products >> i actually have not been briefed on this and that's 2 and 4 for you and we should have someone else come up for item 3. >> good morning. i'm david i'm the controller for the department of public health and i'm here to answer any questions you have for the creation of the waste penalties fund. >> thank you very much i'm comfortable where we're any
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questions? >> we do have a budget analyst report. >> mr. chairman based on estimates on item 2 will increase the revenue froilsz the agricultural spishgs certification fees by $113,000 we do recommended you pass the ordinance. and the revenue increases would go - would there by 2 the $9,379 and that would cover the costs we recommend you approve the
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ordinance in item 4 - on page 13 of our report we point out that the department has previously collected $374,989 on personality from sold waste folks and we therefore make a recommendation to amend the ordinance to request the dpa submit an annual report so the board of supervisors knows what's in the fund and we recommend you approve the ordinance >> someone from d b.a. any questions? >> i have reviewed the propped
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amendment and dpa should recommend it. >> thank you, mr. rows. i'd like to open up on public commit to item it through 4 >> i'm glad you've built this up you've built up the health budget up you've built it up-and-up and up and now your buckets solid. and it's still going to make it - give it all you've got. your solid as a budget rock and you give it all you got. and a thank you, mr. paul son-in-law.
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anyone else want to commit? seeing none public commit t is closed. can we move the budget >> yes i'll move the budget. >> we can move without objection and now move the other items. >> item number 5 resolution approving the second amendment between the transportation agency and the powers for the center pursuant to charter section not to exceed to 5 hundred 3 hundred and 77 there's for the period of july 2009 through december 31, 2017.
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>> we have mr. kim. >> thank you i'm henry kim i'm here behavior of the board to execute this transit pursuant to charter section 118. this intuitive was authorized by an enter governmental services and overhead inspection and engineering services and traffic services for the terminal transit project. the second amendment is related to project management construction management and engineering. this amendment was authorized by
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mta board by a resolution 13 - 118 and also at amendment on february 13th and this amendment is consistent with the previous adopted amendment by the board. so that's pa brief presentation that i'm happy to a answer any questions. thank you and a calling any questions on item number 5? >> okay. thank you very much. to our budget analysts >> members on page 17 we report that those specific types of services to be reimbursed to the mta are shown on the table and that's on page 18 of the report and it's hone the total estimated costs are $2.1 million
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which would be reimbursed to the mta based on the services provided. we recommended you approve the resolution >> thank you very much any questions? >> seeing none? i'd like to a open this up to public commit >> step by step we're going to fix the transit system to step by step we're going to fix the transit program two. step one we give it this budget sum step 2 take away the transit budget blues. step four make the transit better than it was before. step 5 keep the transit system alive. step by step going to get the
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budget approved. step by two we're going to fix the transit system, too. thank you very much anybody else? >> seeing none we're joined by committee and colleagues can we take a motion to move item 5 forward. okay. mr. clerk can you please call item 6 >> item number 6 resolution adapting guidelines for the establishment and use of the financial district on land for under the jurisdiction of the san francisco port commissioner. >> okay. thank you very much. i know we have brad benson and
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we'll give you a moment to set up >> thank you very much. good morning, mr. feral i'm brad benson i'm here representing the port staff. i'm just going to load my presentation here.
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so we're here to talk about proposed policy for infrastructure 49 districts along the port. this is a policy that the port has been working on trying to develop on the state level and now legally since 2005. and infrastructure financing district are a little bit like redevelopment. under a state law a city and county can form a subdivision to finance like new roads and parks. and the method of financing is exactly how it was in
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redevelopment law the infrastructure growth can capture new growth for periods up to 45 years. and the difference compared to redevelopment is property taxes are divided into a number of recipients the state gets a property tax dollar and the remaining $0.10 is divided up between the school district and community college district. and under an infrastructure financing district typically the only increment that can be captured is the $0.65. you can't capture the money it goes to schools or to the
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community college district. so it's property taxes can be used to a finance infrastructure through bonds or on a pay as you go basis. the ports are structured a little bit differently. redevelopment focused on providing affordable housing. by state law 20 percent of the increment must be spent on parks, bay assess and the remove of bay fill. as you know there's significant historic contamination along the port property. so in 2005 is when we first went up to try to develop the tool and it was really based on the
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work that the director and cf o director did in the first 10 year capital plan. the plan says the structural financial plan is not in its operating budget it's instead the bag log of capital improvements needed to bring the port property up to compliance and this chart there's two charts the one on the top with the red and blue the red shows total need along the port which is above $2 billion and the blue is the funding sources we've been able

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